1 and 10 micrometer Calibration Standards


525µm ± 20µm thick Boron-doped ultra-flat silicon substrate with resistivity of 5-10ohm-cm and <100> orientation

Edge fiducial markers for grid position finding

Pitch of 1µm ± 0.025µm, 10µm ± 0.025µm and 100µm ± 0.25µm with perpendicularity better than 0.01 degrees

Line width of 200nm ± 10nm for 1µm pitch lines, 300nm ± 15nm for 10µm pitch lines and 400nm ± 20nm for 100µm pitch lines

300nm ± 30nm deep etched lines

FE-SEM image of 10µm pitch standard.

FE-SEM image of 1µm pitch standard.